Blacktown Waste Services Secure New EPA Licence to Grow Their Recycling Business

Blacktown Waste Services Secure New EPA Licence to Grow Their Recycling Business

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Blacktown Waste Services Pty Ltd is a locally owned waste management service business located in Marsden Park, North-West of Sydney. Since 2004 the site has been used predominately for landfilling materials left over from building, construction and commercial activities.

The site is approved as a lawful disposal facility for non-putrescible waste. In 2014, Blacktown Waste Services Pty Ltd commenced planning to increase recycling rates on the site, to help preserve the landfill and return as much recyclable material into the local economy. This is not only good for the local economy, it is also good for the local environment.

The planning consent obtained in 2014 from Blacktown City Council permits the site to operate a waste processing and storage facility (recycling facility) that can receive up to 30,000 tonnes of waste per annum. However, to establish the recycling operation, Blacktown Waste Services needed to apply for and secure an EPA licence for this activity. A waste storage and processing licence from the EPA was needed to comply with the new licensing thresholds introduced into the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 in late 2014.

The team at Jackson Environment and Planning Pty Ltd were engaged to secure the EPA licence for the operation. This involved consultation with the EPA, preparation of an Operational Environment Management Plan, Pollution Incident Response Management Plan and Environmental Management Procedures for the recycling operations to protect people, community and the surrounding environment.

In order to help the site separate its recycling operations clearly from its landfilling operations, consultation with the EPA was needed to establish appropriate barriers between the operations, to enable separate accounting of waste flows into the recycling operation as opposed to the landfill.

Procedures also needed to be developed and approved by the EPA to enable the inbound and outbound weighbridges to be shared across the landfill and recycling operations, to ensure correct waste accounting and collection of the waste levy on waste that is ultimately disposed in landfill.

The Blacktown Waste Service’s recycling facility is up and running under a new EPA licence (EPL 21193).The site is permitted to receive and recycle wood-waste, garden organics, plastics, paper, cardboard, metals, construction and demolition waste and e-waste. Waste materials are received and inspected on a hardstand and materials are mechanically sorted then stored for full processing on site or for transport to other recycling facilities for manufacturing into a range of civil, building and landscaping products.

If you need to recycle waste materials, please call Blacktown Waste Services on (02) 9835 4544.

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