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New Waste and Recycling Systems for Renovation of a Kippax St Icon

Jackson Environment and Planning Pty Ltd has been engaged by development project manager Restifa and Partners to prepare a waste and recycling management plan for the renovation of a seven-level retail and commercial office building located at 78-84 Kippax Street, Surry Hills. This project has been completed for the owner of the building, Dr Harry Grundstein.

The Kippax renovation will include a change of use of the basement to incorporate end of journey facilities and new waste and recycling storage and services for general waste, recycling, food waste and bulky waste , to improve the environmental performance of the building. Other changes will include ground floor renovations, retail façade modifications, lobby modifications, provision of upgraded lift services, addition of rooftop terrace facilities, renovation of floors 1-6 and external façade works.

Renovation of the building to contemporary standards is a sustainable alternative and will avoid significant waste generation that would otherwise occur if the building is demolished and re-built. As part of the planning and approvals process for this project, a site waste and recycling management plan is required to be submitted for the development application for the demolition, construction and operational phases of the project.

The waste and recycling management plan has been informed by City of Sydney Guidelines for Waste Management in New Developments and the Sydney Development Control Plan 2012. The plan outlines the approach for the renovation, maximising recovery of materials and meeting DA requirements. Details of EPA licenced waste and recycling facilities are provided to ensure sustainable management of all materials.

The plan provides estimates of the volume and weight of waste and recycling generation during the demolition, construction and operational phases, including the requirements for storage, separation, recycling and management of mixed waste, mixed recycling, food waste, bulky waste and other wastes.

Waste generation during demolition and construction will come from renovation activities. All generated materials will be transferred from each level and placed in specialised containers or on pallets for collection in the basement. Approximately 82% of materials will be recovered and recycled at lawful facilities.

Each floor is provided with waste and recycling storage space for general waste, co-mingled recycling and food waste. Bins are transferred to the basement for storage in a new dedicated waste room, with separate storage for bulky waste such as packaging materials and electronic waste. The plan also enables the recovery of food waste, which is a priority for the City of Sydney with all new or upgraded commercial buildings.

The development was approved by City of Sydney under DA D/2019/978 on 4th November 2019 and major renovation works are currently underway.

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