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Jackson Environment and Planning Pty Ltd specialises in infrastructure, planning approvals and advice to support the development of the waste and resource recovery industry.

Our staff are leaders in waste management and across our team, we have more than 100 years experience working in industry, local, state and federal government.

Our team is made up of planners, engineers, scientists, procurement, governance and data experts.

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Green Electricity Production in the Hunter Valley Using Biomass Fuels

Verdant Earth Technologies Limited (the Applicant) has acquired the power station and is seeking approval to restart the plant using biomass (excluding native forestry residues from logging) (“Redbank Biomass”) as…

Community Consultation for the Rosewood Eco Park

Early community engagement to seek input into proposed Rosewood Eco Park will commence on 3rd July 2023. The community engagement work is being led by Brooks Community Engagement, on behalf…

Battery Sorting and Transfer Station in the Kings Park Industrial Estate

To help improve household battery recycling rates, a battery sorting and transfer station within an existing industrial warehouse at 30 Tattersall Road, Kings Park within the Kings Park Industrial Estate…

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