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Proposed Tyre Recycling Facility

Rutherford Tyre Recyclers proposes to develop and operate a small tyre recycling facility at 9 Burlington Place, Rutherford, NSW 2320. A rubber tile and rubber matting production area will also operate within this space, using the crumb rubber produced on site from the tyre recycling process (the proposal).

As part of the development, the existing industrial shed will have alterations to create a larger, fully enclosed industrial shed. Alterations will involve enclosing the existing awning, removing the dividing wall and installing two roller doors. This recycling facility will support the tyre recycling sector across the Hunter Region.

The industrial building will include an industrial area, two designated storage areas, system for capture of dust, noise control measures, fire suppression system, concrete hardstand, weighbridge, loading area, staff parking, and staff amenities. 

The site is located on the southern side of the Rutherford industrial estate, on E4 General Industrial land which is compatible with the Proposal. Used whole tyres cannot be exported, so it is important that tyre recycling facilities are built to ensure waste tyres do not end up in landfill. This development helps to assist in NSW sustainability goals through the recycling of materials and avoidance of landfill.

The development will assist in creating jobs and boosting economic growth within the Hunter Region. The project will inject approximately $500,000 into the local economy during construction and ongoing revenue from operations.

The design of the development proposes several sustainability initiatives to protect the local environment. These are:

  • Recycling of used tyres means less waste in the environment. The recovered materials from the tyre recycling process can be used to create new tyres and rubber-based products, reducing the need for new materials, further protecting the environment;
  • The site will have a fully sealed hardstand to prevent the possibility of contamination of the environment, and allowing all weather access;
  • Handstand to be bunded to contain all firewater in the unlikely event of a fire;
  • All stormwater runoff will be intercepted and treated prior to entering the Council drainage system;
  • Noise and dust controls within the building to avoid impacts on neighbours and sensitive receptors; and
  • All delivery trucks will be back loaded to reduce overall delivery related emissions.

Neighbour and community feedback is being sought on the proposal. More information can be found in:

You can provide your feedback about our proposed development by contacting Jackson Environment and Planning Pty Ltd via email or phone:

We greatly appreciate your feedback on this project which will benefit both the environment and the local economy.

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