Environmental Planning and Waste Management Sydney

Dr Jill Lethlean

Senior Consultant

Jill Lethlean has over twenty years experience working in the waste industry in Australia. During that time, her work has covered a wide range of topics and produced a myriad of lasting outcomes.

Working for the NSW Government between 1997 and 2004, Jill was responsible for developing and managing dozens of projects; these were as diverse as special event recycling to commercial food waste collection trials to municipal solid waste data collection to shopping centre waste reduction programs to working on waste management in mulit-unit dwellings.

During a brief stint as a consultant for a large firm, Jill worked on a feasibility study for a local government waste transfer station and wrote the inaugural NSW Better Practice Guide for Waste Management in Multi-Unit Dwellings in 2002.

Since 2005, Jill has been working for the WA Government, where she has overseen the State’s waste data
collection program, developed a range of policy positions for government and, over the past two years, overseen WA’s Strategic Waste Infrastructure Planning Project.

In recent years, Jill has made five trips to Europe to learn more about the waste management framework and systems in place there. She is committed to continuous learning and to bringing the best ideas from around the world to apply to the local situation.

Jill has a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, a Masters in Applied Science, PhD (landfill systems), Graduate Diploma in Computing and a Graduate Certificate in Management.