Environmental Planning and Waste Management Sydney

Dr Mark Jackson

Director and Principal Consultant

Mark is a nationally recognised waste management specialist and has 23 years experience in the field. Mark is passionate about good infrastructure design, planning approvals and licensing of waste and recycling facilities, and supporting the development of industry in line with international best practice. He has supported the environmental planning, approvals and licensing of some of the largest waste and recycling infrastructure projects in NSW.

For 12 years he held senior management positions in the NSW Environment Protection Authority, leading some of the largest behavior change, industry development and infrastructure investment programs in the country’s history to assist households and businesses reduce waste and increase recycling. Mark for five years led the EPA’s Waste and Recycling Infrastructure and Resource Recovery teams. He also led the development and implementation of the NSW Government’s $250 million waste and recycling infrastructure package. He has also played a key role in assessing waste and recycling infrastructure developments in Government.

Mark has extensive experience in working with local government and business, and played a key role between 2007 and 2009 in regulating impacts on water quality and managing infrastructure programs for Sydney Catchment Authority. He was also Chair of the Australian Standards Committee AS4454 for Composts between 2002 and 2008, and represented the NSW Government on the Commonwealth’s National Waste Policy Working Group for commercial & industrial and construction & demolition waste from 2009 to 2013. He is a specialist in public policy and governance.

Mark is a former Project Director for A.Prince Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia’s best small waste audit and data management firm, leading 20 staff in delivering projects for industry, local and state government clients around the country.

Mark has a Bachelor of Science (Hons., First Class), PhD (industrial waste management), Graduate Certificate in Management and an Executive Masters in Public Administration (University of Sydney).