Environmental Planning and Waste Management Sydney

Dr Mark Jackson

Director and Principal Consultant

Mark is a nationally recognised waste management and infrastructure specialist and has 26years’ experience in the field. Mark is passionate about good infrastructure design, planning approvals and licensing of waste and recycling facilities, and supporting the development of industry in line with international best practice. He has supported the environmental planning, approvals and licensing of some of the largest waste and recycling infrastructure projects in NSW.

For 12 years he has held senior management positions in the NSW Environment Protection Authority, leading some of the largest behaviour change, industry development and infrastructure investment programs in the country’s history to assist households and businesses reduce waste and increase recycling. Mark for five years led the EPA’s Waste and Recycling Infrastructure and Resource Recovery teams. He also led the development and implementation of the NSW Government’s $250 million waste and recycling infrastructure package. He has also played a key role in assessing waste and recycling infrastructure developments in Government. He is a specialist in waste facility planning, environmental compliance and regulatory approvals.

Mark has also led the development and delivery of major planning approvals and planning investigations over the past five years in Jackson Environment and Planning Pty Ltd, including projects for Borg Manufacturing Pty Ltd, ReDirect Recycling Pty Ltd, Eco Logic Developments Pty Ltd, Bingo Industries, REMONDIS Australia Pty Ltd, Dulux Group Ltd, Bin City, Traco Pty Ltd, Davis Earthmoving and Quarrying Pty Ltd, D&N Rubber Refinery Pty Ltd, East West Metal Trading Pty Ltd, Newtecpoly Pty Ltd, Wollondilly Shire Council, Muswellbrook Shire Council, Grima Recycling, Phillips Skip Bins, NSW Glass Recyclers Pty Ltd, Bettergrow Pty Ltd, Blackwell Bros Building & Landscape Supplies Pty Ltd and Wollongong Recycling & Building Supplies Pty Ltd.

He has also led major policy and planning projects for the NSW Government, including a Review of the NSW Waste and Environment Levy and Waste Less Recycle More programs for DPIE (2020); Market analysis for organics for NSW for NSW EPA (2020 and 2017); Evaluation of the shredder floc concessional waste levy for NSW EPA (2019); Development of a compliance strategy for the NSW Container Deposit Scheme for NSW EPA (2019); Audit of the NSW Container Deposit Scheme for NSW EPA (2018); and Development of a planning framework to streamline the deployment of Container Deposit Scheme for NSW EPA and DPIE (2017).

Mark has a Bachelor of Science (Hons., First Class), PhD (industrial waste management), Graduate Certificate in Management and an Executive Masters in Public Administration (University of Sydney).